Laoshan Green (Verdant Tea)

The last of my little 5g sampler packs from Verdant! I really liked the Laoshan Black tea, and this Laoshan Green looks similar – small leaves rolled into pretty little curls. Smells a little nutty, like chestnut.


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Autumn Tieguanyin (Verdant Tea)

It’s a brisk Sunday afternoon (gotta love that east coast weather haha), so I’m breaking open the second pack! I’ve heard the name of tieguanyin tea thrown around, but other than its status as an oolong tea, I don’t know much about it. A user on reddit/r/tea recommended Verdant Tea’s aged tieguanyin to me, so I thought I’d try it out before making a bigger purchase.

The packaging is adorable. I’m such a fan.

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Laoshan Black (Verdant Tea)

I think… I’ve found my new passion. After essentially 12 hours of non-stop reading about teas, I’ve decided to just go for one of my samples from Verdant Tea because I’m absolutely way too excited about tasting good loose leaf teas (that haven’t been sitting in little plastic baggies for a year). Also, I tried two other teas today so this final one should be a good way to end my tea taste tests (TTT) of the day. Ending on a high note.

Well, it’s early morning now. But anyway.

Autumn 2016 Laoshan Black Tea, picked 3 months ago in the Shandong Province.

Uncurled leaves after seven steeps.

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