Yunnan Dian Hong Black Tea – Spring 2016 (YS)

I’ve been traveling and not drinking much tea lately, but I received my YS shipment just before I left home so I tried one of my new teas before heading out.


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Kuradashi Tea (Uogashi Meicha)

We have some Japanese friends who kindly gifted us with some Japanese tea. I didn’t know what type of tea it was until I took a careful look at the kanji and looked it up in a Japanese tea guide booklet, which came in my Yunomi order of genmaicha. Kuradashicha – green tea that’s been stored? I think this is the correct tea, but as I don’t know Japanese, it’s just an educated guess. This is a kuradashi tea from Uogashi Meicha, a company which owns tea places in Tokyo. Our tea was given to us a while ago, so it’s a few years old already, but man. This tea is delicious.


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Quick thoughts on Puerh (from a tea bag)

Found a red Chinese tea bag in our cabinet that had 普洱茶 on it! I hadn’t tried puerh tea before, so I brewed it (after finding, to my surprise, that the tea bag actually had loose sheng in it). A few thoughts:

  • ruddy color
  • thick, unsweet
  • tastes like unsweetened 豆腐花

Given that it was just from a tea bag I stumbled across in our cabinet, I don’t know how close that taste was to real puerh, and whether it was raw or ripe. I did like it, though. Now I’m even more excited to try real puerh.