Chocolate chili chai (DAVIDsTEA)

Maybe I should stop labeling everything “TTT” (Tea Tasting Tests). Then again, I’m not really writing reviews of tea – don’t think I’m experienced enough for that. This is literally just documentation of my progress from “only drink tea from tea bags, and sometimes Vitamin Water” to actual tea-hobbyist/amateur. Hence the steep-by-steep thought log. More thoughts: maybe I should post things on this blog that are not about tea. After all, it’s eat drink draw code and not like drink drink eat drink. (Har har. I’m so funny. I may be a senior in college but I’m always going to be middle school child.)

Chocolate chili chai tea, from my DAVIDsTEA loose leaf stash. I’ll be honest, I taste a little chocolate, just a hint of chili, and just about no chai.

Which might be a good thing. I had chili chocolate once, Lindt. The combination of spicy and sweet confused my tongue. Not an experience I’d like to repeat.

What are the pods?? They look like unpopped popcorn…

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Jade Citrus Mint (DAVIDsTEA)

Just smelling it out of the bag, I can definitely tell there’s a good amount of mint. Unsure if I like this much mint or not – it really controls the entire taste of the tea.


Don’t have time for a long post, so just posting here to record what tea I’ve tried before. I’m so unused to the taste of mint in my tea. It is a fairly sweet tea. I taste just a little bit of the citrus, but really, the main focus is the mint. Mint is a very strong flavor, and it sticks in your mouth even after the tea has gone down. Given that these teas were part of a Christmas set, this makes sense, but I don’t really like it because I felt like I didn’t taste anything besides the mint.

Flavored blends are alright, but based on what I’ve been tasting, I’m leaning more and more toward unflavored teas.

Chocolate Orange Tea (DAVIDsTEA)

Another mysterious tea from the stash. These teas are pretty old and have been sitting in plastic baggies for almost a year, but I have been generally pleased with my DAVIDsTEA stash. I like their addition of non-tea-leaf things to their blends – like pieces of fruit, chocolate chips (below!), even nuts.

Though, I had a nut tea once (just walnuts and cranberries) and it didn’t taste much of anything. Merp.

Tiny chocolate chips! So cute!

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Strawberry… Tea? (DAVIDsTEA)

Another mysterious tea from DAVIDsTEA. My adorable and wonderful sister bagged up a bunch of our loose leaf teas from back home and sent them to me, but she renamed all of them to be Undertale-themed, which is great. The label she wrote for this tea is called “San’s Strawberry Slender Pu-Erh (Black Tea)” – Sans being the name of an Undertale character. Bit confused why they labeled Pu-Erh as black tea, as I’ve only seen these teas separately (from my understanding, black tea is completely oxidized and pu-erh is fermented…?).

Black tea leaves and strawberry pieces?

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Sabah tea

I liked the experience of tea tasting so much with the mysterious (random) tea I had, so I decided to upgrade a little and try again. This is a black tea blend called Sabah Tea from Sabah, a part of East Malaysia on the island of Borneo. I was fortunate enough to receive it as a gift from a friend who lives on that island.

Excuse the poor quality photos. Lighting is particularly bad in my room.

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