Yunnan Dian Hong Black Tea – Spring 2016 (YS)

I’ve been traveling and not drinking much tea lately, but I received my YS shipment just before I left home so I tried one of my new teas before heading out.


Amount: 4g
Temperature: ~180F, couldn’t get it much hotter than this from the dispenser :/
Water: 100-120 mL
Style: gongfu
Method: Wash, 15s start, +5s each time

(1) Very dark color – dark orange yellow. Tastes surprisingly sweet and smooth. Like syrup, sugar cane. Caramel candy, malty – sugar milk candy

(2) Definitely syrupy.

(3-4) Much darker now; dark red orange; taste is more robust, milder sweetness

(5-6) [No notes]

It’s a strong tea, very heady. The aroma reminded me of the Verdant Tea Loose Gu Hua Sheng that I had before – the type of aroma that you really could get tea drunk on. I liked the maltiness, but it was strong for me, and I don’t think I could drink this as an everyday tea.

This is also the first tea session I’ve noticed a significant difference between earlier and later steeps. For previous sessions, I’ve typically noticed an ‘opening’ of the flavor after the first brew, but little to no difference between later brews. This one, though, not only changed taste, but also color – as you can see from below. It’s the difference between say the first/second brew and the fourth.


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