Laoshan Green (Verdant Tea)

The last of my little 5g sampler packs from Verdant! I really liked the Laoshan Black tea, and this Laoshan Green looks similar – small leaves rolled into pretty little curls. Smells a little nutty, like chestnut.


Amount: 5g
Temperature: 165F
Water: ~100-120 mL/steep
Style: gongfu!
Method: 10s + 4s each brew

I’m not showing a picture of my setup because I’m a little embarrassed at how janky it is. Gaiwan, cups, cha hai, filter etc. on a very old stool on my (very  messy) bedroom floor. Ahahaha.

I quite liked this green tea – it’s different from most green teas that I’ve had, like dragonwell or matcha or sencha (though each of those are different from each other, too). This smelled chestnut nutty, wasn’t that sweet or creamy. The taste was a creamed spinach, with a little more of the bitterness. I thought of yum choy, that bitter Chinese vegetable.

I didn’t have any other notes than that. I thought the taste was relatively consistent through brews, but for all I know, maybe I haven’t picked up on that yet. Went 10 brews, but the tea became flat maybe by three steeps before.

I’d like to get more of the Laoshan stock, but both the Black and Green teas are out of stock and I’d like to try out a few more teas before returning to something I’ve had before. Actually, I also just ordered three teas from Yunnan Sourcing! Excited for a silver needle tea, a black gold tea, and the nuo mi xiang cake. Kind of random selections, and they’re sizable portions, but I want something that can last at least a few cups so I can experiment a bit with brewing styles, water temperatures, etc.


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