Four Seasons Spring Oolong (T Shop)

Finally dug into my 2oz packet of four seasons spring oolong that I bought at T Shop. Felt more justified at brewing gongfu because I can now measure out exact amounts of tea with my new digital scale! and am thus not wasting or brewing incorrectly.


Amount: 5g
Temperature: ~175F
Water: ~100-120 mL/steep
 10s + more or less 4s each steep

A bit distressingly, the hot water dispenser says it gives 190F water, but it actually comes out around 175F.

(1) Milky, creamy sweet; floral, leafy. Very light taste and color. Might increase the steeping time for the next steep.

(2) Leaves are opening up very nicely. They’re actually fairly sizable, for how small the amount of dry tea was. Better flavor now that the steep is longer.

(3) Nice light color, some dust at the bottom of the cup. Is that an indicator of quality of tea? Or maybe, given that this is a spring tea, it’s a sign that this particular bag of oolong is one of the bottom of the stock (and thus has more dust)?

(4) Very beautiful dark green leaf. It’s approximately the same as kale, except warm and sweet and much yummier.

(5-7) Nothing much to add.

Overall thoughts: a very comfortable oolong that warms my insides. It’s not a strong taste, and isn’t a stunning tea like some I’ve had before, but it is a very nice oolong. I really want to try roasted oolong next, though…


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