White Peony Bai Mu Dan (Yezi Tea)

My first white tea, and it’s very hmmmm. Vegetal. Like chewing freshly plucked flower stalks. Which, fortunately, I found I kind of liked.

(Wait, maybe that’s not a good thing?)

The leaves are furry with little grey hairs!

Amount: 5g
Temperature: <190F (the only water available from the hot water dispenser)
Water: ~100-120 mL/steep
1:00, then added 15s each steep

Aroma of wet leaves: nutty, almond

(1) Grassy, woody, a little floral.

(2) The tea is a darker color than the previous steep. I’m reminded of what Theresa at T Shop told me: the first steep for a tea is just like the introduction. It tastes quite vegetal; fresh forest dew-like. Tall redwoods, dewy leaves at 6 AM as the sunlight filters through the trees. It’s that type of taste, you know?

(3) Maybe there was a hint of lemon – or maybe that’s just the astringency. Like the stalk of a flower.

(4) Juicy, but not like meat or fruit is juicy – just a mouth full of flavor.

Overall a delightful tea. Love the fragrance. Woody and grassy and flower-stalky.

Post-tasting note: I really need to find words to replace vegetal. Ugh.


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