Yunnan Dian Hong Black Tea – Spring 2016 (YS)

I’ve been traveling and not drinking much tea lately, but I received my YS shipment just before I left home so I tried one of my new teas before heading out.


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Teamail coming!

Haven’t been posting because I’ve been traveling and thus not drinking much new tea (and not indulging in gongfu brewing because my gaiwan is nicely wrapped up in bubble wrap). However, I did order some tea! I’ve made some orders during this month:

  • Yunnan Sourcing – silver needle tea, gold dian hong black tea, and a nuomi xiang cake
  • Yunomi – mystery 10g (free)
  • What-Cha – Intro to Tea Collection
  • Beautiful Taiwan Tea – Misty Mountain oolong, Farmer Changs Green Oolong (baozhong), Asian Beauty Oolong sample

Hopefully that keeps me occupied for the next month and a half. Just blew past my tea budget because. Um.

More teaware obtained, more teaware thoughts.

In my teaware collection, I now have:

  • a gaiwan, plain white and ceramic
  • a little pour dish for loose leaf tea
  • thermos for hot water
  • a digital scale
  • some tins
  • a thermometer
  • two small tasting cups
  • a makeshift cha hai (actually a milk/cream pourer but works just fine)

I need:

  • a metal strainer for my cha hai

I want, but don’t necessarily¬†need:

  • a tea table
  • a pretty gaiwan