Tieguanyin (unknown maker)

Found in a red tin in the back of my family’s tea cupboard. Had about 10 smaller red packets of tea inside, each about 10g, so I used one packet. I thought a packet was a gongfu brewing suggestion (or something like that), but in the end I think it was definitely too much leaf for my gaiwan!

Before & during & after 15 steeps.

Amount: ~9.5g (a single packet)
Temperature: <190 F
Water: ~100-120 mL/steep
Style: gongfu!
Method: started at 20 seconds, +5 sec. each steep

(0) Before: rolled up leaf balls are dark/medium-light green, some stems but not prevalent. 10g packs seems like a lot, but they’re packaged separately so leggooo??

(1) Light yellow tea, light smell, some red stems appearing in the gaiwan. Taste: hints of honey, it’s quite sweet

(2) A little tannin is coming out – maybe that’s the maturity haha. Still very sweet, a little grassy maybe

(3) A little watery? or perhaps just very smooth? Not dropping all of my leaves into the tea filter now, YES. Getting more used to the gaiwan. Milky mouthfeel.

(4) Leaves are deeper green now. Tea a little darker too.

(5) Mellow, not so much honey anymore. Maybe peachy taste?

(6) Definitely missing the seconds count sometimes. Hard to coordinate pouring and using my phone to time each steep.

(7-10) Like warm wintermelon soup my grandma used to make a long time ago.

(11-15) Very nice and mellow to the end. Beautiful colors. The tea leaves are pressing against the lid of the gaiwan, 10g is definitely too many leaves for my gaiwan. Maybe it was meant for a pot? Hmm.

I served some of this to my sister and my mom, who came in halfway through the session. They really liked it! My mom was really amazed at how little astringency came through, haha. I think I’m converting her slowly. 😀

Training wheels for a gaiwan newbie (who doesn’t have a tea table).

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