Qianjiazhai 2016 Gu Hua Loose Sheng (Verdant Tea)

My first time trying gongfu style, since I bought a gaiwan today! ­čÖé



First thoughts: fruity. VERY fruity. Like plantains or cranberries. Sweet, and a full aroma.

(1, 20s) This is something I could get drunk on.

(2) A tea taste that goes down quickly, doesn’t linger on tongue; richness of flavor that I can’t pinpoint words for. A little heady, like wine.

(3) Starting to get… hard? not smooth. not yet bitter but closer to it than before.

(4, 5) My throat clenches a little after the tea goes down. Maybe I’m gulping too fast? Still about same level of hardness, maybe. There’s probably a real tea word to describe that but I don’t know it.

(6, 7) Trying to come up with a fruit taste different than plantains, which was how the Verdant Tea page described it, and all I can think of are those Southeast Asian fried bananas with powdered sugar on top. Sweet and full, something that fills you up, warm and tasty.

(8) Oops, there were actual gongfu instructions on the Verdant Tea page… >__> Welp next time I’ll do that. Not noticing very much change in flavor now? ┬áMaybe some petering out, but it’s still a pretty full flavor.

(9-15) Fruity all the way to the end. Color never changed from a light gold.

Could definitely have gone further, since I wasn’t noticing any significant change in flavor, but it’s 1 AM and I’m all tea-ed out for the moment.

Final thoughts:

  • Very fruity, sweet, and fulfilling tea. Somehow light yet full of flavor.
  • Maintaining the water temperature is extremely hard. Next time I’ll pour out of a thermos instead of a glass teapot.
  • Pouring the gaiwan. About 70% went into the cups, 30% went onto the mat (and the later the tray, which I switched to when I realized how much tea I was spilling).
  • Loose sheng was nice. After a while I got tired of the fruity taste, so I don’t think it’s really my *ahem* cup of tea (pshhh you’ve probably never heard┬áthat┬áone before), but I would definitely like to try ┬ámore puerh (if this was even puerh). Totally different from the puerh tea bag I tried before.

You know, I’d wondered why people used tea boards other than for aesthetic. Now I see the necessity. Spent half of the time looking up cheap tea boards on AliExpress. Maybe I can rig something up. /cheap student skills IGNITE


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