Tieguanyin at T Shop

A few days ago, I had the wonderful opportunity to go into NYC and visit a tea shop that I’ve heard a fair amount about on Serious Eats and reddit. It was a cold winter day when I went in – maybe around 15 F, so I was looking forward to drinking warm tea.

It’s a small shop in the back of a long corridor. No one else was there when I went, except of course for the owners of the shop. I took a look at the menu, then decided on a tea tasting session – $10 for 5 brews of a tea done by an “expert.” Because I don’t know my oolongs one from another, I asked for her suggestion, and we ended up with the tieguanyin.

The tieguanyin was delicious. Nutty and sweet, a milky milky mouthfeel. A taste that lingers in your mouth. The first cup, she told me, is like an introduction to the tea; in later steeps, the tea matures and produces a much fuller taste. At one point, another customer came in so she left to help him, so I sat there, enjoying the taste of the tea left in my mouth from previous cups.

After the tea tasting session, I bought 2 oz of their Four Seasons Oolong for $12, which is about as much as I can afford right now as a student. Note to self: when money, buy that tieguanyin. She generously also gave me a bit of her Roasted Nantou, which she had suggested when I asked for an oolong that wasn’t tieguanyin. (It was $20 for 2 oz, out of my budget.) Can’t wait to try the Four Seasons Oolong, which unlike my tieguanyin, isn’t roasted.

I didn’t take pictures because somehow, it felt like taking them would be an interrupt to this tasting. But I’ll definitely go back there at some point.


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