Jin Guanyin Wuyi Oolong (Verdant Tea)

Another one of my samples from Verdant Tea! After trying the tieguanyin at T Shop, I wanted to open another type of oolong. One of the things I love about tea is the variety – there are hundreds of ways to take tea leaves from plant to cup, and so many variables that all affect the taste in your mouth.

My setup. Finally got to use a real teapot, and a glass one at that!

Did this tasting with my sister, who is not as obsessed as I am about tea, and we ended up talking and forgetting how many seconds we did for each steep – it was about 10 sec. increase each brew, starting at 30 sec. or so. Used 190 degree water (near boiling) because that was convenient. We went 5 rounds, making 8 oz each time, which was perfect for our two little cups!

Quick thoughts. Milky warm, light taste, slightly astringent. It didn’t have as strong a taste as the tieguanyin I had at T Shop, but I think that tieguanyin was roasted (so maybe it was stronger?). I’m not sure if this wuyi tieguanyin was. Though the tea taste wasn’t as strong, the leaves after brewing had this wonderfully fierce aroma. As my sister put it: “I would totally buy a perfume made out of this.”

Oolong has the wonderful aftertaste to it, a mouthfeel that lingers long in your mouth after you drink. Perfect for a winter day.



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