Chocolate chili chai (DAVIDsTEA)

Maybe I should stop labeling everything “TTT” (Tea Tasting Tests). Then again, I’m not really writing reviews of tea – don’t think I’m experienced enough for that. This is literally just documentation of my progress from “only drink tea from tea bags, and sometimes Vitamin Water” to actual tea-hobbyist/amateur. Hence the steep-by-steep thought log. More thoughts: maybe I should post things on this blog that are not about tea. After all, it’s eat drink draw code and not like drink drink eat drink. (Har har. I’m so funny. I may be a senior in college but I’m always going to be middle school child.)

Chocolate chili chai tea, from my DAVIDsTEA loose leaf stash. I’ll be honest, I taste a little chocolate, just a hint of chili, and just about no chai.

Which might be a good thing. I had chili chocolate once, Lindt. The combination of spicy and sweet confused my tongue. Not an experience I’d like to repeat.

What are the pods?? They look like unpopped popcorn…

Amount: 4 big pinches, or 2 little grabs (just making up measurements)
Temperature: near boiling (someday, if this is super serious, I’ll get a temp-variable kettle)
Water: 7.5 oz

[1st – 30 sec.] A light tea. A little sweet; at the end of a gulp, just a hint of hardness that kicks a bit. Still, I don’t taste much chili or spices as I’d expect with a so-called chocolate chili chai tea. Just calling it ‘spicy chocolate tea’ would have been better, in my opinion. Granted, based on what I know of chai tea, it’s really not the type of taste you can easily replicate well in a loose leaf tea blend like this – where there are just base black tea leaves with extra adornments (like mini chocolate chips).

[2nd – 50 sec.] Wanted to see if I could get more of the other flavors, so I steeped a bit longer. But to be honest, maybe the chocolate melted into the first steep because I taste less of it now, and the chili taste isn’t much there either. The chili taste is slightly harder than before, and it leaves a dryness on my tongue that isn’t very appealing to me. I just taste… what I’ve tasted before in the glitter gold tea. Maybe it’s the same base loose leaf? It sure looks the same.

I think the problem with these blends is that there are some non-tea foods added in (e.g. chocolate chips) that react very differently from steep to steep. As in: chocolate melts away quickly. After a peek inside my tea sachet, I see: a bunch of unfolded leaves, no chocolate and half of one of those popcorn-like balls. I have learned my first lesson! While tea leaves can release a multitude of flavors over multiple steeps, teas with non-tea elements (like chocolate, peppermints, sprinkles, what have you) react differently with water, and their lifespans may very well be shorter.

I don’t really like the tea now that it’s just a plain flavor with a growing chili hardness, so I’m stopping the test here. Onto better teas, I suppose.


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